Zeffy FAQ

We use Simplyk, a 100% free donation platform funded by contributions from generous donors like you. The model is based on transparency: 100% of your donation goes to Shiane Haidery Islamic Assocication inc, whereas other donation platforms take a percentage.

This is why Zeffy asks for a voluntary contribution, or “tip”, to help pay the bank fees, support the operation of the platform, and allow Shiane Haidery and thousands of other non-profits to increase their impact and change the world. Thank you!

You have complete control over how much you contribute to Zeffy. On top of being 100% free for Shiane Haidery to use, here are some reasons we love Simplyk, and some reasons you may choose to support them too:

1. Simplyk streamlines the administration and tracking of your donation, freeing up valuable S.H.I.A staff time.
2. Simplyk covers the bank fees of all donations made through the platform.


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