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Moharram Information

InshaAllah soon, we all will gather to commemorate the Aza of Imam Hussain (AS) in honor of the Lady of Light Bibi Sayyeda (SA). Momineens are kindly requested to donate generously towards the upcoming Muharram/Safar Programs. The first of Muharram is expected to be on Saturday, July 30th


Our guest speakers will be:
Sheikh Anwar Jaffer from Leicester, UK for the first Ashra in English
Syed Iftikar Abid Naqvi from Vancouver for the first Ashra in Urdu
Zakira Huma Naqvi from Texas, USA for the first Ashra Ladies majalis
Sheikh Nabil Ahmed Awan from Peterborough, UK for 6-9 Safar (Sep 3 to 6th) in English
Zakira Zainab Rasool from Winnipeg for 7-9 Safar (Sep 4 to 6th) Ladies Majalis
Maulana Razi Jaffer from Pakistan for Arbaeen Majalis 16-20 Safar (Sept 13th to 17th) in Urdu
Maulana Mustafa Moledina from Montreal for 27 Safar-7 Rabi ul Awal (Sept 24th to Oct 4th) in Urdu

First Ashra English Sheikh Anwar Jaffer from Leicester, UK
Urdu Syed Iftikar Abid Naqvi from Vancouver
Ladies Majalis Zakira Huma Naqvi from Texas, USA
6-9 Safar (Sep 3 to 6th) English Sheikh Nabil Ahmed Awan from Peterborough, UK
7-9 Safar (Sep 4 to 6th) Ladies Majalis Zakira Zainab Rasool from Winnipeg
16-20 Safar (Sept 13th to 17th) Arbaeen Majalis Urdu Maulana Razi Jaffer from Pakistan
27 Safar-7 Rabi ul Awal (Sept 24th to Oct 4th) Urdu Maulana Mustafa Moledina from Montreal


Please consider making a financial contribution to help cover the cost of Muharram/Safar programs. The EC requests all members to take advantage of the various sponsorships available which can be made in the name of your beloved Marhumeen.
Unless noted or announced otherwise, Niaz will be served from the 6th night until Ashura if we have sponsors in advance. To sponsor a Majlis or Niaz for your Marhumeen, please contact an EC or BOL member as soon as possible so arrangements can be made in advance. In case there is a surplus from the collected donations, it will be used towards expenses related to running the Imambargah.
Majlis each night                                          $300
Niaz 1 to 5 Muharram, Wafat                   $1,000
Niaz 6 to 10 Muharram, 30th, 40th     $2,000
Niaz after 1st Ashra                                     $1,000


Momeneen bringing Tabaruk should bring it individual packed. Bringing in trays will difficult to distribute and with the time constrain packing will not be possible. Please contact EC or BOL to coordinate.


The budget is based on last year's actual and anticipated expenses. The travel and accommodation rates are also rising, driving up the costs significantly. The Niaz/Tabaruk budget is subject to sponsorship. Inshallah Bibi Fatema (SA) will reward you.
Hadya/Accomodation/Transportation $30,000
Niaz/Tabaruk $20,000
Juloos $3,000
Supplies $2,500
Misc. $2,500
Total $58,000


The EC/BOL is requesting all interested youths and adults to step up and volunteer. All interested in volunteering their time during these important nights are requested to contact any member of the EC/BOL.
As you know, we have limited parking spots, so, for the convenience and safety of all members attending the program, please park appropriately. Be careful while parking in the street, most of the parking slots are subject to Sector sticker pass. Also, please be mindful not to block our neighbors parking. For the safety of our elders and children and to avoid being ticketed, please do not park in the dropping zone in front of our center. Also, do not block any of the parking entry as your vehicle could be towed. If you see that you are blocking someone, please put your cell phone number on your dashboard. Your car should be moved as soon as the Majlis is over so those who want to leave earlier can do so. If you need to leave early, please do not park in the middle of the lot. Please cooperate with the volunteers in car park and provide them your cell phone number so that they can contact you if needed.


Saturday, August 27th from 10AM to 4:00PM, is our fourth Muharram blood drive in the name of Imam Hussain (AS). Those who want to donate and did not give their names yet, please email at your name, phone number, gender, age, as well as the statement, "I certify that I have read and understood the eligibility criteria". If you have any questions about eligibility to donate due to travel outside Canada, medications or medical conditions, we invite you to call 1-800-343-7264 to speak to a Héma-Québec nurse.

Let's ensure to work together, to act in an appropriate manner that would make our Imam (AS) proud. Below is a friendly reminder of some guidelines that all attendees should follow:
No men are allowed beyond the lady’s door or downstairs during the programs.
Parents are requested to ensure that their children are inside during the programs. Mothers with babies and young children can contact any BOL member in case they need any assistance.
Please do not speak or recite loud outside, on the streets or in the parking lot. Be mindfull of our neighbors and tenants upstairs.
Please keep our Center clean, both, inside and out, including the parking lot. This can easily be achieved by not littering, by picking up our own plates and cups and by not spitting pan or tobacco outside.
Reminder of the Quebec law about no-smoking policy in and around the building within 9-meter radius.


We have been informed the following dates for Juloos, more details will follow:
        Ashur Procession: Sunday, 7th August, 2022
        Arbaeen Procession: Sunday, 11th September, 2022


You may download the program by clicking here. Program timings are tentative. Actual timings may vary and will be reflected in the weekly announcement.
Reciters of Salam/Sooz/Marsiya/Noha’s must contact Br Arif at (514) 994-4739 in advance to schedule your day and time. Priority will be given to those who have given their names to be included in the allocated time for that purpose. We wish every single reciter in the community to take part and give their names. If a reciter is late, they will miss their turn. The programs are planned in a way to try and accommodate the community as a whole.


Momineen are requested to take all necessary precautions in order to prevent spread of COVID during in person programs at the Imambargah. The safety of the community, especially our elders is very important. SHIA Inc may apply restrictions in case issues arises. We must all work together to protect the community.
We thank you for your cooperation on the above fronts for an effective and enlightening set of Muharram/Safar programs. Labayk Ya Hussain!
With Salams and duas,


2174 Belgrave Ave, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2L8


Tel: (514)483-1273
Fax: (514)483-0167


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