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Program for the week of:

Salaamun Alaikum,

Saturday, the eve of 21 ramadhan, being a night of qadr, a weekend night and the martyrdom of The Father of the Holy Imams, we take this opportunity and have a Shab-e-dari program. Please take note of the Saturday program below that will begin with Maghribain Salaat.

For the upcoming Shab-e-Qadr Ammal's you can download the IDuas Ramadhan app form the App store or Google play. You can also use mobile version on your smartphone.

Our annual Sehri program will take place on Saturday, June 1st after Iftar. There will be activities in Ladies and Gents for all ages with fundraising & delicious food. ‚Äč More details will follow.

Prizes will be awarded to all children age 12 and under. They will only be given to children who are present at the function Saturday night June 1st. A special recognition will be given to children under the age of 9 who have kept their first fast. An additional prize will be given for all those age 9 and under who have fasted the whole month. For all boys under the age of 6, their prizes will be given on the ladies side. Parents are requested to give their names to the ladies council or BOD member.

Jumu'ah prayers will start at Awal Waqt. Sermons will be held in English.

Monday May 20th
(16th Ramadhan night) Wiladat: Imam Hassan (AS)
07:30pm Ramadhan Duas
07:50pm Qasidas
08:10pm Urdu Milad
08:41pm Namaz & Iftar

Tuesday May 21st
(17th Ramadhan night)
07:30pm Qurankhani
08:00pm Ramadhan Duas
08:20pm Dua-e-Tawassul
08:30pm Urdu Lecture
08:42pm Namaz & Potluck

Wednesday May 22nd
(18th Ramadhan night) 07:30pm Qurankhani
08:00pm Ramadhan Duas
08:20pm Urdu Lecture
08:43pm Namaz & Potluck

Thursday May 23rd
(19th Ramadhan night) Shab-e-Zarbat of Imam Ali (AS)
07:15pm Ramadhan Duas
07:35pm Marshias
07:55pm English Majlis
08:30pm Matam
08:44pm Namaz & Iftar
09:45pm Dua-e-Kumayl
10:15pm Ammal
11:15pm Marshias
11:25pm Urdu Majlis (Gham-ka-Bayan)
11:40pm Matam & Jaushan-e-Kabeer

Friday May 24th
(20th Ramadhan night) Yaum-e-Zarbat of Imam Ali (AS)
07:15pm Ramadhan Duas
07:35pm Marshias
07:55pm Urdu Majlis*
08:30pm Matam
08:45pm Namaz & Iftar

*Ladies program separate recited by Zakira Zabira M. Hussein

Saturday May 25th
(21th Ramadhan night) Shab-e-Dari
Shab-e-Shahadat: Imam Ali (AS)
08:46pm Namaz & Iftar
10:00pm Ammal, Munajaat of Imam Ali (a.s)
11:15pm Dua-e-Iftetah
11:30pm Shab-e-Dari Marshias
12:00am Urdu Majlis
12:30am Taboot, Matam
01:20am Jaushan-e-Kabeer
02:30am Sehri
03:06am Fajr Salaat

Sunday May 26th
(22nd Ramadhan night) Yawm-e-Shahadat: Imam Ali (AS)
06:45pm Ramadhan Duas
07:05pm Marshias
07:25pm Urdu Majlis
08:00pm Taboot, Matam, Ziarat-e-Imam Ali (AS)
08:47pm Namaz & Iftar

Monday May 27th
(23rd Ramadhan night) Laylatul Qadr
08:00pm Qurankhani
08:30pm Ramadhan Duas
08:48pm Namaz & Iftar
10:00pm Ammal
12:00am Jaushan-e-Kabeer

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