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Program for the week of:
July 16th, 2018
Salaamun Alaikum,
Thursday July 19th
(05th Zilqad)  
 7:30pm Shab-e-Juma duas
 8:15pm Milad related to Wiladat of Bibi Massoma Qom (SA)
 8:54pm Namaz Maghribain, Zyarat
There is children's program on Thursday nights during the summer break.
Sunday July 22nd
(08th Zilqad) Ladies only Milad, Wiladat of Bibi Massoma Qom (SA) and Imam Raza (AS)
 4:30pm Ladies program recited by Zakira Azra Jaffri from California. Program will have Virde Ali as well as dastarkhan of Imam Zamin our 8th Imam, anyone wishing to participate can do so by bringing tabaruk for the dastarkhan.
Ottawa Jamat ladies have been invited for the program and Niaz will be served. 
Please note that ladies may be using men's hall, Please watch for signs in front of the doors.
Jumu'ah prayers will start at Awal Waqt.

Please follow this link and you can make an online donation.