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Program for the week of:
November 05th, 2018
Peace be upon you O’ Aba Abdullah Hussain, Peace be upon you O’ family of Hussain, Peace be upon you O’ companions of Hussain, Peace be upon you all, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings,

We are grateful to the Almighty for having given us the opportunity to mourn for Aba Abdillahil Hussein (a.s.) this Muharram/Safar. We are fortunate to have world renowned Zakir/Zakira again this year with us but we need your support by participating in these events. No Zakir/ Zakira wants to visit an organization where there is no attendance.

All Niaz are sponsored by momineen. SHIA urges momineen to come forward and sponsor Niaz for the upcoming events. Please contact any member of BOD or BOL as soon as possible.

The island of Montreal has major closures in the next 2 weeks. Highway 40 and its service roads will be closed in both directions between Highway 13 and St-Jean Boulevard from November 3rd afternoon to nov 5th morning. The Turcot interchange will be fully closed from November 9 to 13. Please calculate your commute time to the Imambarghah accordingly; you can use applications like Google maps, Waze or Quebec511.

Clocks will fall back one hour at 2 am Sunday November 4th. This will change the namaz timings as well. Jumu'ah prayers will start at Awal Waqt.

Monday November 05th
(28th Safar night)
Wafat of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Shahadat of Imam Hassan (AS)

07:30pm Marsiya
07:50pm Urdu Majlis by Maulana Mehboob Mehdi
08:50pm Matam, Taboot, Zyarat and Niaz

Tuesday November06th
(29th Safar night)
Shahadat of Imam Ali Reza (AS)

07:30pm Dua-e-Tawassul
07:45pm Marsiya
08:05pm Urdu Majlis by Maulana Mehboob Mehdi
09:05pm Matam, Taboot, Zyarat and Niaz

Ladies Majlis will be separate by Zakira Syeda Asma Abedi

Thursday November 08th
(01th Rabi-ul-Awwal night)
07:30pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:15pm Marsiya
08:35pm Urdu Majlis by Maulana Mehboob Mehdi
09:20pm Matam and Zyarat

Sunday November 11th
(04th Rabi-ul-Awwal night)

Wafat of Bibi Masooma-e-Qum (SA)

40th of Marhum Sultan Moosa

07:30pm Marsiyas
07:45pm Urdu Majlis by Maulana Tahir Hassan Ghaderi
08:45pm Matam, Zyarat and Niaz

Labayk Ya Hussain!
With Salams and duas,