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Moonsighting Rajab 1440 AH
March 8th, 2019

As-Salaamun alaikum,

After completion of 30 days of the current month, the first day of the month of Rajab 1440 AH will coincide with Friday, March 8, 2019.

You can download the monthly Montreal prayer time table by clicking here.

Some Important Dates of the month:

01st (March 08) - Wiladat Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)
03rd (March 10) - Shahadat Imam Ali un Naqi (AS)
07th (March 14) - Imam Musa Kazim (AS) Day
10th (March 17) - Wiladat Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS)
13th (March 20) - Wiladat Imam Ali (AS)
15th (March 22) - Shahadat Sayyida Zainab (AS)
22nd (March 29) - Nazr-e-Imam Jafar-us-Sadiq
25th (April 01) - Shahadat Imam Musa Kazim (AS)
26th (April 02) - Wafat Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)
27th (April 03) - Meraj
28th (April 04) - Imam Hussain (AS) leaves Madina

Below is the program for the month of Rajab at a glance. In the weekly announcements they may be slight adjustments if there are any changes.

Thursday March 07th
(01st Rajab night) Wiladat Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)
07:30pm Meet and greet with Maulana Syed Ali Zafar Zaidi
07:45pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:30pm Qasidas
08:45pm Milad in English/Urdu
09:30pm Zyarat

Saturday March 09th
(03rd Rajab night) Shahadat Imam Ali un Naqi (AS)

07:30pm Marsiya
07:50pm Majlis in English/Urdu
08:30pm Matam, Zyarat and Niaz

Thursday March 14th
(08th Rajab night) Imam Musa Kazim (AS) Day

07:16pm Namaz-e-Magribain, Laylatul Raghaib Ammal
08:45pm Dua-e-Kumayl
09:15pm Milad in English/Urdu
09:45pm Zyarat

Saturday March 16th
(10th Rajab night) Wiladat Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS)
Jashan Mola Ali (AS)

07:18pm Namaz-e-Magribain
07:50pm Qasidas
08:45pm Milad in English/Urdu
09:30pm Zyarat and Niaz

Tuesday March 19th
(13th Rajab night) Wiladat Imam Ali (AS)

07:22pm Namaz-e-Magribain
07:55pm Dua-e-Tawassul
08:05pm Qasidas
08:35pm Milad in English/Urdu
09:15pm Ziyrat Aminullah, Zyarat and Niaz

Thursday March 21st
(15th Rajab night) Shahadat Sayyida Zainab (AS)

07:25pm Namaz-e-Magribain
07:55pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:40pm Marsiya
09:00pm Majlis English/Urdu
09:45pm Taboot (Ladies) Matam, Zyarat and Niaz

Thursday March 28th
(22th Rajab night) Nazr-e-Imam Jafar-us-Sadiq

07:34pm Namaz-e-Magribain
08:05pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:50pm Qasidas
09:30pm Zyarat, Nazr

Sunday March 31st
(25th Rajab night) Shahadat Imam Musa Kazim (AS)
Wafat Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)

07:38pm Namaz-e-Magribain
08:10pm Marsiya
08:30pm Majlis
09:15pm Matam, Zyarat and Niaz

Tuesday April 02nd
(27th Rajab night) Meraj

07:40pm Namaz-e-Magribain
08:10pm Dua-e-Tawassul
08:20pm Qasidas
08:40pm Milad
09:25pm Zyarat, Niaz ending with Meraj Amaal

Thursday April 04th
(29th Rajab night) Imam Hussain (AS) leaves Madina

07:30pm Marshia
07:42pm Namaz-e-Magribain
08:15pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:45pm Marshias
09:00pm Majlis
09:30pm Matam, Zyarat


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