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Program for the week of:

Salaamun Alaikum,

Jumu'ah prayers will start at Awal Waqt. Sermons will be held in English.

Thursday August 08th
(08th Zilhajj night) Shahadat of Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)
07:45pm Shab-e-Juma duas
08:31pm Namaz Maghribain
09:00pm Marshias
09:15pm Urdu Majlis
09:50pm Matam and Zyarat

Sunday August 11th
(09th Zilhajj day) Roz-e-Arafat, Shahadat of Hazrat Muslim (AS)
13:01pm Namaz-e-Zohrain
01:30pm Ammal for the day of Arafat
03:00pm Marshias
03:15pm Majlis
03:50pm Matam and Zyarat

Ladies will have a seperate program

Monday August 12th
(10th Zilhajj day) Eid al Hajj
07:15am Dua-e-Nudba
07:45am Namaz-e-Eid
08:45am Greetings & Light Breakfast

Eid Mubarak to you all.

Thursday August 15th
(14th Zilhajj night) Wiladat of Imam Ali Naqi (AS)
7:30pm Shab-e-Juma duas
8:20pm Namaz Maghribain
8:50pm Munajaat
9:10pm Milad
9:45pm Zyarat


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