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The Association was founded in Montreal in 1973 by the settlers from Indo-Pakistan. The founding members of the Association included Syed Ali Abbas Hasanie, Syed Zilay Hasan Bokhari, Syed Mujahid Bokhari, Syed Munawar Naqvi, Syed Mohammad Mahdi Abidi, Syed Ijmal Asghar Naqvi, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, Syed Fida Akbar Rizvi, Mustafa Stationwala and Alam Khwaja to name a few. The Association received its incorporation as a religious and charitable organization under the Religious Act in Quebec in 1976 in its original name of Shiane Haidery International Association which was later changed to Shiane Haidery Islamic Association in 1997. The institution is also called by its abbreviated name “S.H.I.A.” such as SHIA mosque and SHIA Imam-bargah.

The present premises known as “Haidery Centre” was purchased in 1982. The building accommodates the mosque, Imam-bargah and a school. It is comprised of three floors with an approximate working area of 12,000 square feet with a separate parking lot in front of the building. There is a “Zari (gold-laced) Room” inside the mosque and Imam-bargah, with separate sections for men and women. The enclosure for women is equipped with TV monitors showing the Imam and other speakers as well as the proceedings. The upper floor is rented to a commercial enterprise.

Beside this Association, there are other organizations of Shia Ithna Ashari Jafaria faith in other parts of the city, some of which are known as The Islamic Lebanese Centre, 60 Port Royal East, St. Laurent, Montreal, QC 514-381-6827, The Ahl al-Bait Islamic Organization, 4075 De Courtrai , Montreal, QC H3S 1B8 514-342-7001 and Al-Zahra Charity Association, 11597 Renette Htland, Montreal, Qc, H1G 5J4 514-722-0925. These organizations conduct their programs mostly in Arabic and Persian language besides English and French.